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Thread: The fluidity of the Salary cap

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    Default The fluidity of the Salary cap

    Boy this is gonna be interesting

    First i will say i used two sites for the
    Spotrac :

    Total NFL Cap 177,747,270

    The NFL allows teams to count their top 51 contracts up until the final roster is set up so for now we will go by those numbers

    Top 51 contracts 155,121,937
    I used Overthecap for these numbers as the have Dontae Johnsons contract figured in

    Dead Money 13,903,196
    I used the figures from Spotrac on this as a basis simply because they have more players on them including 5k from Boykin

    Draft Pool $1,692,964
    OK this is where it gets weird
    Spotrac has the estimated dollar value for the draft class per pick

    #18 $ 2,208,717
    #120 $ 644,247

    I wont bother to go on about the rest , but if you want you can look them up on the above link, its almost at the bottom of the page.

    The reason i wont go on is because they come in under the top 51 contracts , currently Seattle has 62 contracts and the 45th through 51st lowest player contract it at 630,000 .

    So to calculate the draft class money Seattle needs is

    # 18 $2,208,717
    + #120 $644,247
    - Joey Hunt $630,000
    - Tanner McEvoy $630,000

    I used McEvoy and Hunt but there are a total of 6 with contracts at $630,000

    Of course we know this will change as John loves to trade down but this is what we have (right now) so i am going with it

    Total Cap space
    177,747,270 Cap space with rollover
    155,121,937 Current top 51 contracts
    .13,903,196 Dead Money
    ...1,692,946 Draft class

    Real (current) Cap space 6,913,143

    This does not reflect Janikowski's contract as I cant find anything on it.

    Sea Bass Is in an interesting issue here

    So when his numbers come in he will bump another $630,000 contract into the below top 51 contracts. So in essence his contract will for cap purposes in the offseason will be X - 630,000 .
    The Seahawks have kicker Jason Myers under contract at 705,000 But if he does beat out Myers you can knock off 705,000 of the cap .

    As I said before , The cap is really a rough estimate of what you have because it can be manipluated in so many ways and it really will come down to the final cuts to see where the team is But for now we have a good estimate of what can be done .

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    Of the four latest singings

    Stephan Morris 555,000 Minimum no guarentee's is under the top 51 contracts and is not counted

    Sebastian Janikowski No information
    Austin Davis No information
    Dontae Johnson No information

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    Ok found Dontae Johnson's contract

    1 Yr 1.3 m 950 k Base 350 k bonus 50 k roster bonus

    So that puts the team at 6,273,143

    thats w/o Janikowski and Davis

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